5 reasons why you didn’t get the job

why didn't I get the job

Let’s face, you are not going to get every job you attend an interview for. But we know rejection can be hard sometimes, and you can end up over thinking things & analysing your interview and what you could have done or said different.

To stop you beating yourself up, here are 5 reasons why you might not have got the job:

  1. Lack of chemistry

You can’t click with everyone. Maybe there was just no spark. Your values or expectations may not have been aligned, or maybe the conversation just didn’t naturally flow.

  1. They didn’t believe you

They may not have believed everything you said you could do or reasons for leaving previous jobs. Maybe you were unable to provide examples of your skills or how you handled certain situations. Maybe you seemed uncomfortable or nervous when answering certain questions

  1. You forgot to prepare

Maybe you tried winging it, and they saw through you. Did you find out about them, their values, their core business? Did you study the job description and prepare responses to demonstrate your relevant skills of expertise? Maybe you didn’t know exactly where they were and arrived late – many things can indicate how unprepared you were.

  1. You lied on your CV

As attempting as it can be to exaggerate on your CV, I certainly wouldn’t recommend it. Remember that awkward response you gave when they asked you to elaborate a little more on your coding ability. They noticed and sussed you out.

  1. Someone better came along

You can’t always come out in top & maybe, just maybe they saw someone better. This doesn’t necessarily mean you weren’t good for the role, it just means that someone else was a better fit. Maybe they had someone in mind anyway.

So, don’t doubt your ability or beat yourself up for not getting the job. Stay positive and try and learn what you can from the experience so you can perform better at your next interview.

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