Looking for a new Job? Clean up your social media first

job hunting advice

So, you’ve decided it’s time to look for a new job – great! But before you start applying for jobs or registering with recruitment agencies, take 5 minutes to do a quick online search, and see just what you are showcasing to the world – you may be shocked!

First of all, type your name & location into Google – does this bring up your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page?  If it does, great – but most importantly, what image of yourself are you portraying to potential employers?

People often think twice before adding their boss on Facebook. This is usually because they don’t want their employers seeing an array of inappropriate photos taken at 3 o’clock in the morning pi##ed out their heads – they feel this may have a negative effect on their professional image & career advancement opportunities. The irony is, their boss has no doubt already seen it!

In a recent survey, in which 2,600 hiring managers were interviewed, 45% of managers had used the internet to search social media sites of both candidate applying for jobs, and their current employees. 35% of hiring managers have said what they found online, caused them to pass on a candidate.

The top 3 reasons for passing on a candidate are:

  1. They posted inappropriate photos, views, information or constant bad language
  2. They posted content about heavy drinking or taking drugs
  3. The candidate bad mouthed a previous employer or co-worker(s).

Don’t come off social media, but the trick here is, use social media to your advantage. A large number of employers & hiring manages have said that they have appointed an applicant as they feel the candidate’s personality portrayed in both the interview and on social media, fits within the organisation & the team they are recruiting for.

So, before you start your job search & applying for jobs, clean up your online presence. Plus having a presence on LinkedIn is also essential. You can create a profile which is more of an online CV. Plus any way you can make yourself stand out for the right reasons, go for it!